Great tools, websites, and web pages to help with all aspects of improving your finances.

Helpful Resources

Below you'll find great resources to help you or someone you know find the financial help or information that may be needed.


Credit Counselling Society

If you're struggling with your debt or need help to get your finances back on track, the Credit Counselling Society offers free one-on-one counselling and coaching. They can also help you create a realistic budget, create a plan to get out of debt, and explore debt relief options if that's something you'd like to look into. They offer appointments in person at offices across the country or over the phone, whichever option is most convenient for you. Visit their website, call them, or chat with them online to learn more.



If you want to learn how to save money and make smart financial choices, is the place for you. It's an educational, self-help, non-profit website. Whether you're looking to improve your credit, figure out how to actually save some money, create a budget or learn the smartest ways to handle your money, they offer it all. Expert Canadian advice for free. Check it out.



Here are some savings calculators to help you make a plan to reach a savings goal, and if you're struggling to manage to find money to save, we've also included a great resource with tons of ideas to help you find money to save on a regular basis.

Savings calculator

How to save money if you're struggling



Ways to save money.The first tool below will help you create a budget, guide you through the process, and then help you optimize your budget. The other tools can help in different ways, but generally speaking, they can help you avoid common spending pitfalls and maximize your money.

Interactive budget calculator

Financial goal calculator

Financial literacy self-assessment quiz

Bank account selector tool

Spending smarter tools - Government of Canada


The links below can help you get a free copy of your credit report, figure out your credit score, find a credit card that meets your needs, and contact either one of Canada's two credit reporting agencies if you have a need to.

How to get your credit report and check your credit score

Credit card selector tool

Equifax - Credit Reporting Agency

Trans Union - Credit Reporting Agency



How to deal with personal debts.These calculators will help you figure out how much debt you owe, how much your debt is costing you, and how to pay it off as quickly as possible. If you're struggling with the decision to either lease or buy a vehicle, we've included a calculator for that, and for anyone who has any questions about insolvency, we've included a link to the federal government office that oversees that.

How much do you owe?

Cost of debt

Amortizing loan calculator

Debt repayment calculator

Vehicle lease or buy calculator

Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada


Kids and Money

Here's a great resource to help teach your kids about money and how to use it wisely.

Make It Count - A parent's resource to help young people with money management


Home Ownership

Find out how big of a mortgage you can afford and how to pay off your mortgage more quickly.

Mortgage calculator

Mortgage qualifier tool



How to deal with personal debts.Discover how much money you can expect to receive once you retire and what you can do to better prepare for retirement.

Retirement income calculator

Planning for retirement

Employer pension plans

Understanding reverse mortgages

Retiring Soon? - Canada Life and Health Insurance Association Inc.


Insurance is meant to protect you, your family and your stuff. Here are some resources to help you.


Estate Planning

Estate planning includes Power of Attorney, Living Wills/Healthcare Directives, Wills, Funeral plans, and Executorship.



Below you'll find Canadian income tax rates by income level and province. You'll also find links to access your CRA account and some possible help if you have a problem with the CRA.

Canadian income tax rates for individuals - Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Access your CRA account

Office of the Taxpayers’ Ombudsman

Taxpayer Bill of Rights - CRA



Here we've listed a host of resources for you to educate yourself about scams and fraud to hopefully protect yourself from these threats both online and in the real world.

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre - Government of Canada

Identity Theft Action Plan - Peel Region Police

Equifax - Credit Reporting Agency

Trans Union - Credit Reporting Agency

Scams and Fraud - RCMP

Identity Theft Hotline - International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network

Canadian Consumer Handbook

Get Cyber Safe - Government of Canada

The Anti-Spam Quiz - Government of Canada