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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to finances, there are often a lot more questions than answers. We've answered some here for you, but if you have a question that is not on our list, don't hesitate to ask us directly via phone, email or web form. We'll do our best to get back to you within one business day.

No. You can book only one workshop or as many as you’d like.

1 hour so they can fit into the lunch hour.

Typically yes. You can discuss this with your MoneySmart Living educator.

There is a minimal cost for the workshop, but we see this as an investment in your team and their financial well-being. If your training budget is strained to capacity, connect with us anyway as we don’t let money get in the way of financial education.

We ask that you provide the meeting space, a laptop and projector, and coffee and snacks.

Yes, but this can be discussed with your MoneySmart Living educator.

Absolutely! And we’ll also give you online resources employees can access at any time.

That’s no problem. We can offer a live webinar to them. All they would need is access to a computer.

Absolutely! It’s free and confidential. They just need to call us at 1-877-389-0298 to book an appointment.

They can meet someone in person at one of our 21 offices across Canada, or they can do their appointment by telephone. The information is the same.

You can discuss with your boss that money impacts everything – our relationships, our health and mental health, and our productivity at work. When employees are worried and stressed about their money, they will spend time and emotional and mental energy at work focusing on this because it's troubling them. This divided focus has an opportunity cost for employers when employees are supposed to be focusing on their job. Financial wellness for employees impacts the bottom line.